Easy and Automated EV Charger Management Software

“We help businesses build and manage their EV charger networks, delivering a great EV charging experience to their customers.”


We make it easy

Work with local partners you trust

Our local turn-key partners provide the right hardware, the right engineering and installation services, with the ProRanked software to get your charging station up fast.

Easily monetize and manage your charger

Set pricing to what you want, when you want. Payment processing is built in, drivers can tap and pay.

Automation does the work for you

Chargers are automatically managed 24x7 by the system, our algorithms ensure that grid capability is optimized.

Highlighted Industry Solutions


Attract and keep customers shopping longer.  Increase brand awareness by providing charger access


Differentiate your property, attract and retain high quality residents.


Foster corporate loyalty and cultivate a positive company culture by providing EV charging benefits.

Supported Charger Brands

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