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There is plenty of ways of getting started with ProRanked EV Stations

Per the International Energy Agency's predictions, over 125 million electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to be on the roads worldwide by 2030. This projection underscores a growing demand and presents a golden opportunity for the establishment of EV charging infrastructures globally. ProRanked is poised to assist you in capitalizing on the increasing influx of electric vehicles.

No matter if you manage a parking lot, residential complex, office, healthcare center, educational facility, airport, or virtually any other business, our experienced team is ready to develop a tailor-made EV readiness plan to propel your enterprise forward.

Carribbean Stations

Dedicated to advancing the EV industry

ProRanked offers adaptable business strategies for host locations. We have crafted four distinct business models to cater to a diverse range of businesses, enabling any site to transform into an EV charging hub

ProRanked as a Service

ProRanked's subscription plan offers an EV charging station at a minimal initial investment, granting you the benefits of ownership without the associated hassles.

ProRanked Owned

At certain locations, ProRanked will handle the installation, equipment provision, operations, and administration, while sharing a percentage of the revenues with the property owner.

Host Owned

Ideal for service locations, ProRanked's Host Owned option caters to those wishing to exclusively own and operate their EV charging stations.

Hybrid Approach

Under the hybrid ownership program, ProRanked bears the expenses for the equipment, operations, and management. Your sole responsibility is to prepare the site for the installation of the EV charger.

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