What is Nevi?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is allocating $5 billion over a span of five years to assist states in establishing a network of EV charging stations, especially on designated Alternative Fuel Corridors and prominently on the Interstate Highway System, encompassing Puerto Rico.

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How it works

What is covered by nevi?

Looking to increase the foot traffic to your retail location? Consider adding NEVI-funded EV Charging Stations.

Planning Cost

Understanding where EV charging stations are most needed, preferences of EV users, and future growth trends of electric vehicles.

Installation, operation and maintenance

Skilled labor costs for electricians and technicians who install the charging equipment.

Network connectivity

Costs associated with making the charging stations "smart," i.e., allowing them to connect to a central network for monitoring, billing, and remote management.

Signage and Branding

Physical signs indicating the location and availability of charging stations.

Permitting and Inspection Fees

Costs associated with obtaining the necessary permits from local authorities.

Electrical Infrastructure

Upgrades or modifications to the existing electrical grid to support the added load of multiple EV charging stations.


Charging Equipment Cost

The cost of the charging stations themselves, which can vary significantly based on the type and brand


Software NEVI Ready

ProRanked can be included in the costs needed for the 5 year commitment required by the government

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